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About us

Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., a professional manufacturing company with 70,000 thousand YUAN RMB registered capital, specializes in manufacturing bulk pharmaceuticals (APIs). The company is located in JINTAN, with excellent geographic position and convenient traffic; The JINTAN City belongs to delta area of the Changjiang River, where is the country of HUA LUOGENa famous mathematician.

The company occupies 80,000 square meters, with 14,000 square meters architectural proportion & about 100 million YUAN RMB investment. Now, equipped with six GMP certified refining, drying & packaging lines , five workshops for synthesis, one workshop for hydrogenation and one test center , the company have the annual capacity of manufacturing 500 tons bulk pharmaceuticals(APIs) and intermediates . Among these APIs products we manufactured, 49 kinds have got the APIs approved documentation and 32 kinds have GMP passed.

In the company, all kinds of scientific and technical personnel accounts for more than 40% of total amount, thereinto, tens of professors, doctors, masters and bachelors engage in studying and developing new pharmaceuticals. And we also establish self R&D institution, specializing in new pharmaceuticals; we have developed tens of new pharmaceuticals independently. Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD is in line with “based on talent, science and technology for first, quality for on, attach most importance to credit standing " tenet and pursues the aims of “As for industry we strive after NO.1 in China; as for product we strive after NO.1 in the World”. Now we are making our great efforts to set up top-ranking personnel and management so as to dedicate human health with science and technology.



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