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Talent strategy has been an important part of the development strategy of Yabang "Appreciating use, best use" is Yabang employment purposes, "to attract talent, developing talent" is Yabang consistent policy, but also the core Yabang talent strategy. In Yabang growth process, first-class talent in the peer industry pioneer and laid a solid foundation.

"People-oriented" is an important concept Yabang corporate culture, human resources are the primary resources, is the development of enterprises, the competitiveness of the country. In Yabang has a broad space for personal development, good environment for personal growth, effective performance incentives, rich corporate culture and fringe benefits; in Yabang, a set of scientific talent recruitment, selection, use and development human resources management system. All this makes every ideals, capable people can enjoy playing in their respective positions, to achieve self-vision!

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